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철부지 (Immature)

An album containing 5 songs featuring Roca Dianco and PG-13. Mainly consists of hip-hop

  • Instrumental
  • Currently recording
  • To be mix/mastered
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Vermello Project

Vermello's own creative beats, combined for the Indivisual tradition of distinctive releases.

  • Instrumental in Progress
  • To be recorded
  • To be mix/mastered
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Old Tracks Remastered

We are remastering a selection of our oldest tracks. Below are the next on our list for remastering.

  • PG-13 - Fly!(종이비행기) [RELEASED!]
  • Vermello X PG-13 - Lately
  • Vermello X PG-13 - First Snow (첫 눈)